Ashes of Regrets !!!

Why you are greedy that you cannot choose one,
Always want to keep an option open.
Why being so selfish feels so good for you,
That you cant even hear the innocent heart beats for you.
Always pretended that you are mine and will always be there for me,
Now im struggling to erase those memories which you have left for me.
All your words were just lies in disguise,
And I blindly trusted looking at your eyes.
Now things cant be changed between us,
Even a word ‘sorry’ cant bring back my lost trust.
Time teaches a lesson which is necessary,
It will make you remember all your faults and make you teary.
But nothing and no one will be there,
All you would be having is ‘ashes’, Ashes full of Regrets !!!


kitab ke panne palat rhi thi mein
kayalo mein dubhi meri ankhein puch rahi thi mujhse, kya dundh rhi hu mein!
koi sawaal ya koi jawaab..
phir samaj aya, jo mein dundh rhi thi us kitaab mein hai hi nai..
ye ankhein andhere mein raaste dundh leti hai,
phir kyu dhoop ki kirne padte hi raasta batak jati hai..
log kehte hai ki jo dil se chahte ho, wo mil jata hai,
phir aisa kyu hai ki jab hasil ho jata hai, uska ehsaas nhi hota..
dekte hi dekte waqt jaldi nikal jata hai,
phir aisa kyu lagta hai ki usi waqt pe rukhe hue hai zindagi..

want to say something but i cant say,
want to express but there is no way.
infront of you im a happy doll,
only i know the effort behind it.
when i look into your eyes it says everything,
makes me feel that life has a meaning.
people say loving thy self is important,
so that you can spread love to others,
but seeing you happy makes me feel happy.
they say whatever happen, happens for the best,
curious to know what will happen in the next.
waited alot and still waiting for an answer, it takes alot of patience.
so much to say, so much to express …

Rainy Day !!!

Its was raining heavily yday..
Was on my way for a meeting,
Had a long ride with my colleagues,
Girls were chitchating but i was quietly enjoying their conversation and started thinking something..
Couldnt take my eyes off from the outside, it looked like the city was taking a shower 🙂
It was cold, I had a little smile on my face, felt very calm and quiet though I could hear the noise around..
Thinking something.. something which exactly happened like this earlier..
I asked myself, what is it?? Deja vu ??
I felt the same way, in the same season, had same moments like this before but everytime people around me were different.
Suddenly, started missing all of them.
Realised onething, time never stops for anyone and it doesnt make you realise this soon.
People come and go, they come in your life for a reason but they may go without a reason if we didnt notice and stop them.
Blessed to have all of them and our stupid moments and I hope that everytime i shall have these moments and could say, ‘hey its like a deja vu rather than saying it was a ‘Coincidence’ !!!

Women’s Day ??

Today a lazy sunday, I was on my bed,
Trying to open my sleepy eyes to see the clock.
It was 8 am and im still not ready to move from my bed!

I saw my mobile beeping with alot of messages..
Wishing eachother a Women’s Day..
In back of my mind, i was like hmmm Women’s Day, so today I should celebrate with all the ladies in my life.
But then all of a sudden, i started getting all the negative flashbacks about whats happening to a women in our very own country.

Are We happy? – No
Are We Safe? – No
Are We free from all the rules and restrictions made from our societies, families, communities and so on.? – No
A ‘STRAIGHT NO’ for everything..

After seeing all this, sometimes, I ask myself a question. Is it a crime to born as a female???

Who is gonna solve this? Who will answer my questions? Even Im confused about how and from where to start to resolve this and when this will end !!

For now, I can only join my hands and pray with hope that please stop hurting us and please dont make us regret our birth in this mother Earth !!!

True and Fake

I’m in a crowd surrounded by people
Seeing all of them through my eyes
Different culture, different thoughts, different faces
I started wondering to whom i should talk to
To whom I should speak if I have a problem
Who will be my friend ???

who will be my strength !

who will stand by me in my rough times !

who will understand me …

Looking around I have understood that its difficult to get a true friend than fake friends…